Hearing the Sounds of Violin makes me Feel like in Paradise

If some of you love to hear heavy metal songs, RnB music, Techno, Latin, Rock or any kind of music, I love hearing the sounds of a violin. I know some of you loves to hear when someone is playing a guitar or a piano, I still love hearing a musician who plays a violin. If anyone of you wants to take a look of a classic electric violin at wwbw, it will worth your time as well especially if you are planning to buy one. Hearing the sounds of violin makes me feel like I am in paradise. I simply love it!

Musical Instruments for a Friend

I am lucky to have some friends who are engaged in the music industry. I have a former colleague who now owns his own live band. I am very proud of him. During our last conversation, he asked me to search for the best rivera amp. I am not really the right person  to ask for things about musical instruments.  He requested me if I can find cheap ones here in the US.  He then told me the company of the amplifier he needed and I am glad, he finally bought a new one.

Why Pro Tools are Important to A Studio Engineer

Are you a studio engineer and is currently having a project about music production, film scoring or anything that is related to your profession? For sure you are an avid pro tools fan! Whatever you say, you always need Pro Tools software to help you do your job. This digital audio workstation software is very important for you and will always be a part of your work. Be sure to update your software regularly.

Good luck for new projects as a studio engineer.

Creating an Event Checklist

Planning for an important event such as a wedding can be difficult especially if you are pressed for time. Creating a checklist is one of the things that you need to do first to ensure that you will be able to attend to every important detail of the wedding.

Once the date and the venue of the wedding have been set, you can begin looking for a printer for the wedding invitations and other professional services that you will need for the event. This includes finding a wedding photographer, caterer, florist and those that will provide the entertainment including a band or a DJ such as DJ david fox. As long as you are able to attend to everything on your checklist, you are assured of the success of your event.

Wish A Different

I was surprised when one friend of mine gave a ring an hour ago. She reminded that there will be a concert for cause of a Side A band this coming November 7, 2013 at the Waterfront Lahug. The purpose of this is for the victim of the typhoon Yolanda. Me and my friends will definitely watch this not just to share some help but the band is our ultimate favorite in the Philippines. We wish that the ovation bass guitars to be use by the lead guitar will be working smoothly unlike the other concert we attend few of the instrument were having trouble, wish this won’t be.